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Sureplan- Helping Australians Plan Ahead

We plan for our future- marriages, holidays, the education of our children and even retirement but what many of us don't plan for is our death. It is as much a part of life as being born yet we avoid prearranging our funeral. By avoiding the discussion of prepaid funeral insurance to protect the feelings of your loved ones you are potentially doing the opposite. Sureplan is a specialist Australian owned and operated funeral fund provider; making your goodbye as comfortable and stress free as is possible.

Sureplan understands that your preplanning requirements differ. Since 1935 we have offered flexible and specialist cover. Sureplan Family Fund provides insurance for those less than 56 years of age, while Sureplan Gold is a savings vehicle for those over 55 years of age. Sureplan Family Fund members have the opportunity to fully pay their premiums at any time allowing them to put in place prepaid funeral insurance.

How does it work?

  • Obtain a quote using the online calculator.
  • Select the amount of cover required and apply for membership.
  • If accepted, and if prepaying pay the amount of total premiums as displayed on the calculator, or select another payment option.

Flexible Options

Members of Sureplan Family Fund can at any time up until their 56th birthday apply to increase the cover of their prepaid funeral insurance. For those over 55 Sureplan Gold allows them to put aside funds as either a lump sum or deposit monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually to help meet the cost of a service.

Either way you can rest easy knowing that Sureplan will pay the benefit to your nominee within 24 hours. Organising formal prepaid funeral insurance not only provides you peace of mind for you but helps to relieve some of the stress for those left behind.

How Sureplan Family Fund can be used as Prepaid Funeral Insurance

Fair and reasonable insurance for the Under 56s

With most other funeral insurance plans available in Australia premiums regularly increase and are payable until age 90. With Sureplan Family Fund Australians aged 55 and under can apply to become members. Prepaid funeral insurance involves simply using the calculator to select the amount of cover desired and paying the total amount of premiums in full if accepted as a member. You can do this with Sureplan Family Fund as;

  • Premiums are fixed
  • Premiums are payable only until age 60, even though cover is for a lifetime.

Prepaid funeral insurance is that easy with Sureplan. Note that Sureplan only guarantees to pay the full amount of your selected benefit at the time of your death to your nominee who will use the proceeds to put towards your service expenses. If the amount of the funeral benefit is more than the price of the service the nominee must forward the residual amount to your estate, and if less than your service cost, the difference will need to be made up by your family. Therefore it is often best to select an amount greater than today’s funeral price for your prepaid funeral insurance.

For the Over 55s - Using Sureplan Gold to save

Once the details of the service and the associated costs have been worked out, being ineligible for a prepaid funeral insurance policy if over 55, putting aside funds with Sureplan Gold is an excellent alternative. You can either deposit a lump sum or have regular contributions as part of a savings plan and this accumulates along with any bonuses.

Since its inception in 1998 Sureplan Gold has produced returns equal to or greater than the annual CPI figure – very few funeral bonds in Australia have been as consistent.

Another advantage for the over 55s in using Sureplan Gold to put aside funds for a funeral is that you do not lock yourself into using a particular director as you are free to change the details of the nominee at any time.

For the over 55s Sureplan Gold is an excellent alternative to prepaid funeral insurance.

Sureplan, assisting Australian families since 1935

Unlike some of the larger providers operating within Australia, Sureplan is an Australian mutual life company. Sureplan had its beginnings in 1935 when the public service employees of the Postmaster General established a way that helped their families meet the cost of a service without negatively impacting on their financial ability to raise and educate children.

Regulated by APRA

For over 70 years Sureplan has been helping Australian’s financially plan for the inevitable. Both Sureplan Family Fund and Sureplan Gold are administered by Sureplan Friendly Society and its’ actions are regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, the Corporations Act 2001 and the Life Insurance Act 1995.

Low Fees mean greater member benefits

Compared to our competitors, no third party is involved in the running of the company therefore there are no competing shareholders’ interests. Sureplan has no requirement to return dividends or profits to external shareholders. Therefore Sureplan operates in a low-cost environment meaning greater benefits for Sureplan Family Fund and Sureplan Gold members.

Raising a large sum of money when a loved one has just died places a considerable amount of stress on a family. Sureplan is in the unique position of being able to offer financial security with peace of mind for your preplanning needs.

Call or email Sureplan on 1800 817 105 or info@sureplan.com.au to discuss all options and find a plan that is right for you.