How much does a funeral cost?

An average service can cost between $5,000 and $9,000.

Is my money safe?

Yes. Sureplan has a successful history since 1935 of managing funeral funds. Sureplan Gold is a secure fund focused on the preservation of member's funds. Sureplan's investment activities are regulated by the Corporation's Act and Life Insurance Act -protection is provided by the conservative nature of the authorised investments and the continuous solvency requirements maintained in accordance with the Life Insurance Act and Prudential Standards.

Can I withdraw my money?

No. After the cooling off period Sureplan benefits are payable only on the death of the member.

I'm confused, I want to have prepaid funeral insurance but don't have the funds to pay the lump sum that they want me to. What can I do?

At Sureplan we offer two products that assist with prearranging your funeral; Sureplan Family Fund for those less than 56 years of age and a bond, Sureplan Gold for those people over 55 years of age. Sureplan Gold work in a similar way to a savings account as bonuses can be added to whatever you invest. There is no obligation to pay a lump sum, you are able to contribute in regular payments and on your death your contribution is paid to your nominee to assist with the costs of a service.

Sureplan Family Fund prepaid funeral insurance involves simply selecting the amount of cover desired and paying the total amount of premiums in full.