Advantages of Prepaid Funeral Insurance and Planning Ahead

  • Peace of mind -knowing that you have faced this issue with responsibility and that your family will be spared additional stress when they are grieving your death.
  • Funds when needed- your family, like many others, could have difficulty in finding sufficient funds within a few days to pay for a service.
  • Pension concessions- if you are an Income and Asset Tested Centrelink or Veterans Affairs pensioner you can maximise your pension through taking out a prepaid funeral insurance policy with Sureplan Family Fund, or investing in Sureplan Gold.

Combining flexibility with common sense

With prepaid funeral insurance, while you may not get the direct benefit, you can help to relieve any financial pressure for your loved ones after you die.

If you are in a financial position to pay an entire lump sum or a smaller lump sum with regular contributions then a Sureplan Family Fund prepaid funeral insurance plan (if under 56) or Sureplan Gold savings plan could be right for you (if over 55).

Using Sureplan Gold as a savings vehicle

It's important to note that in a funeral bond such as Sureplan Gold there is no guarantee that there will be sufficient funds to pay the service if not enough money has been put into the account. However, the Sureplan Gold bond can be used as part of a prepaid funeral contract.

Providing an opportunity to choose the details

By liaising with a director firsthand, you are able to choose music, flowers, vehicles or any other details you would like present at your service.

Through utilising Sureplan Gold as a savings vehicle we can take the financial burden of a funeral away from your loved ones. To discuss Sureplan Gold or Sureplan Family Fund prepaid funeral insurance>, call our customer service team on 1800 817 105 or email us at