Sureplan- Offering a Complete Package

Sureplan offers three products that have the capability of covering the entire family (with the exception of children less than 1 year of age). These funeral options are known as:

  • Sureplan Family Fund
  • Sureplan Gold Bond
  • Body Transportation Fund

Sureplan Family Fund Funeral Insurance

Anyone between the ages of 1 and 55 can apply for membership. With the commencement of a SureplanFamily Fund policy you and your family will be immediately covered for a benefit that is payable upon your death. Premiums preferably made by direct debit can be paid monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annually.

Sureplan Family Fund includes:

  • Fixed low premiums
  • Premiums payable only until 60 years of age
  • Lifetime coverage
  • Claims paid within 24 hours

Sureplan offers Australians peace of mind when it comes to prepaid funeral insurance, and we have been doing so since 1935. The benefits we offer you are:

  • Immediate cover - we will pay your nominee (on behalf of your estate) the benefit you have selected within 24 hours of being advised of your death, even if it is the day your membership is accepted,
  • Full cover - you are insured for accidental death and death from natural causes immediately, however you will not be covered for death by suicide within the first 24 months of membership,
  • Lifetime cover but pay only to 60 - even though you are only required to pay premiums until age 60 you are covered for the duration of your lifetime,
  • No premium increases - the amount of your premium payable will not change through the term of the policy. At the time of joining you know exactly how much you will pay and when it will be fully paid,
  • Benefit cover can increase - bonuses may be added to your selected benefit from time to time,
  • No hidden costs - there are no entry or exit fees.

Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond

Sureplan Gold is a secure bond investment fund for people over 55 years of age and has assisted thousands of Australian’s with preplanning either as part of pre-arrangement or prepaid funeral. Sureplan Gold is much the same as a bank account except that you cannot withdraw any funds after the initial cooling off period. Proceeds can only be paid to your nominee on behalf of your estate on your death.

  • You contribute amounts either as a lump sum or by regular payments.
  • A bonus (based on fund earnings) may be allocated to your investment annually.
  • On your death, your contribution and bonuses are paid to your nominee to help pay the costs of your service.

Body Transportation Fund

The Body Transportation Fund offers financial protection for your family should you die away from home. For a once only premium of $250.00 the fund offers the benefit of paying for the transportation and any other related preparation, containment or documentation costs up to a maximum of $3,000 should you die within Australia but outside a 70km radius of your home. To be eligible to join the Body Transportation Fund you must be less than 85 years of age and a member of either Sureplan Family Fund or Sureplan Gold. You must of course notify Sureplan of any change of address as soon as possible.

Sureplan is a member owned Friendly Society that has been protecting Australians since 1935. With a range of products to suit individuals of all ages and financial means, Sureplan can take the financial burden away from your loved ones.

To find out more about these options including a form of prepaid funeral insurance call us on 1800 817 1051800 817 105 or email us at